Tuesday, 22 March 2011


My sweet baby is undergoing some kind of werewolf transformation. Or possibly werehippo... Bear with me, and I'll get to the hippo bit in a second.

You know the werewolf transformation in movies - usually accompanied by howls, writhing on the floor, cold sweats and twisted sheets, and usually happens at night. This has been our house for the last two weeks.

You see Arne is teething - and not one at a time, but all four top incisors. The outside pair came first, which is where the hippo bit comes in:

And now the middle two incisors up top are just visible - and judging by the lumps and bumps in his bottom jaw the fun has just begun. Every time he looks like he might be settling into a nice sleeping pattern, something comes up: travel, illness, new motor skills he just has to practice in his sleep (last night he stood up in his sleep! I lay him back down and he carried on sleeping) and now teeth. I was looking at a teething timeline, and this goes on for almost two years!

By the time he has outgrown teething there'll be night terrors, then growing pains, then trouble at school, then trouble with girls, then he'll borrow the car and miss his curfew...

Will we ever get a good night's sleep?!

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