Sunday, 13 March 2011

Onwards and upwards

Things have been a bit hectic of late, and my lukewarm promise to myself and my four fans to start writing again kind of fell by the wayside, as I kind of feared it might... But the upshot of the last couple of weeks' activity can be summed up in these five words: I have my own house! For what feels like forever I have been a charity case in someone else's house, but now I have a place that I share only with my husband and my son, which I have to say feels GREAT.

So now to decorate my house, Argentina style? Well, as far as that goes it may take a while, as one of the side-effects of housing emancipation is less cashflow for stuff that isn't directly related to survival. Watch this space, though. I have at least hung three (count them, three) pictures on the wall - all from New Zealand; I have hung curtains; I have hung a fabric wall hanging; and I have hung out, in my house, with my two best boys.

I have a few projects in mind, one involves moving Arne into his own room. As of today he sleeps his naps in his own room, and nights in our room - and so far, so good. We've managed to convince him that his room is a fun place, with toys and books and a coloured string of dragonfly lights on the wall. I plan to paint something on the doors of his wardrobe - maybe a zebra in the grass, all black lines on white background. Then eventually he will move in there for nights as well, but I think it is more his mother that needs to get her A into G to take that step than Arne himself. A) I will miss him and wonder what little snuffly noises he is making in there by himself, and B) (or should that be G?) I will have to get up and go into another room when he wakes up - and he always wakes up at least a couple of times. If he's not teething he's practising new motor skills in his sleep... Hmmm.

Anyway, that's all for today. It's movie night in my lounge, on my sofa.

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