Thursday, 17 February 2011

Last time I wrote I was a different person, and my world had not yet changed...

I am only nine months older than I was when I last wrote - not even a year, which is no time at all in the course of a life (but aeons ago in blog terms, I know) - and yet everything has changed. Even the things which have not changed and never will, are indescribably different now, because I have a son.

I am still coming to terms with the greater picture, because so far I can only absorb it in small pieces, day by day. I look at my wee boy and think about how he will sleep tonight (and therefore how I will sleep tonight), then I am suddenly hit by the thought that Arne will one day drive a car, meet the person he will fall in love with, travel the world, speak three languages. How weird.

I am going to try to resume this blog in the light of my new existence - which is at once a beautiful and possibly a bit sappy journey through the joys of motherhood and a very down-to-earth daily slideshow of little miracles, struggles with vast amounts of laundry, coping with the realisation that much of your life now revolves around poop (especially the when and how much), insecurities about being a bad parent, reassurance that I am not a bad parent, reassurance that everything is just a phase and will eventually pass - all set to the sometimes tough sometimes passionately latino reality of life in Argentina.

I do however reserve the right to fail miserably at keeping this up-to-date. It is a mother's prerogative to not want to do anything else with her spare time than sleep, trawl Facebook and Trade Me, and drink moderately alcoholic beverages with bubbles in, not necessarily in that order. I am also failing just a little at keeping a diary of Arne's milestones (I hate you handy mums who keep scrapbooks and write journal entries every day. You make us underachievers look bad), keeping up with when and how I should be implementing new phases in his life, and simple things like remembering to brush my teeth.

It's for you mum, it's the universe. It says you should stop procrastinating and do something useful with your spare time.
That reminds me, I have to go do that thing with the thing.